What to expect in a Mud Run?


Completing a Mud Run is probably the most physically challenging thing that you can possibly do! BUT, with the appropriate training and tips, you can do it! First thing is first.  Get ready to get down and dirty! Why? Because you definitely will.  You don’t like MUD; you’re probably in the wrong race.  Second, you have to know what you’re going to be putting your body through to be able to successfully complete this physical challenge, right?

What to expect for the actual race? Other than Mud, Mud, and more Mud!

Depending on the mud run location, you can expect a variety of obstacles like the following:  Running up dirt hills, down hills, muddy hills, across streams, crab crawls, jumping over tires or hay bales, mud pits, wall climbing, walking across a lake, and conduits to crawl through.

The majority of the participants take more than an hour to finish a 10k Mud Run.  You can walk through the race, but why limit your capability to that, start training and set a time limit goal.  Mud runs are designed for people of all fitness levels to enjoy and have a great time.  Okay runners on your mark, get set, GO!!!!!

You can find more information on the 2013 Camp Pendleton Mud Run by clicking HERE

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